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Day 14 - 16 days remaining

Don't edit as you write. According to right brain/left brain students, your right brain allows you to dash off stuff uncritically. Let the right brain help you get a chapter or so written, then at a different time, let your left brain loose to edit.

- Cynthia Riggs

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Stop! Take your finger off that backspace key! Drop that eraser!

Here's a great tip that Nano Writer [personal profile] withorwithoutyou shared the other day:

Hey, hold up on the re-writing, leave the words there, but if you don't like them set the font for that section as white. You won't have to look at it, and you'll keep that whole inner editor thing from going haywire.

This is great advice! I've also been known to cut and move bits of writing to the end of a document to "think about later." More often than not, I've gone back to it and pulled parts out to add back in. Sometimes you just need a little time and perspective to give the "drek" the proper cut and polish to make it shine. And then sometimes it turns out to be garbage.

The point is that now is not the time to be making that decision! This is our mantra for the month:

It's All Good!

Today's word count is 23,333! Good and bad! All of it! How are we doing? Excerpts to share? Tips? Comments? Questions? Let's hear it!

And remember: Keep Writing!

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