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Day 16 - 14 days remaining

I ask myself, "What is the next sentence?" That's all I have to write, and it's good for me to remember it. And when I focus on that, my inner critic seems to drift away.

- Ed Gaffney

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And your next sentence?

Sundays are slow start days for me (I love to sleep in :-) so last thing Saturday night, I try to leave myself something fun/evil to start from to jump start the day just as Gregory McDonald suggests.

Here's an excerpt (including the last sentence which happened to close the chapter): The boy crouching there, hidden in shadow, reminded me of a wind cat I tracked once as a youth, many lifetimes ago. Dangerous, beautiful, intelligent. I wondered if I would have better luck of the hunt this time. That time I nearly lost a hand. This time I could lose my life.

Kicking the inner critic aside (oh word repetition! bane of my writery life - rewrite later!), I'm eager to start the next chapter. How shall I test you today, my dears?

Today's word count is 26,667! How is everyone doing? Questions? Comments? First sentence you wrote today? The last?

Remember: it's all good! Keep writing!

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