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Day 21 - 9 days remaining

In art, something comes of nothing.
Out of the thin air and the ether, you
create a story.
And that is intensely satisfying.

— Yann Martel


Today's word count is 35,007! And we're coming up on the Thanksgiving holiday here in the states. People will be traveling, maybe visiting family or just taking a day or two off from school or work.

Whatever your plans - try to sneak in a little writing (or a lot) to catch up, move ahead or even finish your story. You are the only one that can bring your story "out of the thin air" whether that's done in a long 5k haul or in small, tiny writings while the kids nap, family is on the couch watching the game or on the bus/plane/train home or your home-away-from-home.

Questions? Comments? And if you're on the road (or soon will be), have a safe trip and Keep Writing!

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Date: 2012-11-22 05:39 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] lassarina
I made it over 38k today! I am in really good shape to finish on time, assorted video-game-shaped distractions notwithstanding. (Steam autumn sale, WHY must you appear RIGHT NOW.)


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