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Day 27 - 3 days remaining

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While many things are too strange to be believed,
nothing is too strange to have happened.

— Thomas Hardy

This is it Camper Writers! It’s our last weekend and we only have three days and change left to wrap up our April projects! If you’re behind with your word count, it’s time now to dig deep, put the peddle to the metal and bring that story home. Lacking inspiration? Just add the improbable and mix it up! Sure it might be combustible but this time it’s okay to play with the fires of creativity and see what your imagination can bring to the party.

And NOW is the time to bring it! So challenge a friend to a little competitive word war or sign on for a 100-word (or a thousand-word) sprint. You CAN do it!

Nearly done? Well go ahead and cross that finish line, Nano Writer! Validation is live and waiting for you!

One last thing… Back Up Your Work! No matter if it’s a handful of words or 100K, take the time to copy your story to a flash drive, an e-mail account or the clouds. Better safe than sorry!

The Finish Line awaits! Keep writing!


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