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Nano Writer's last contest for the year is now...

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We've received entries from several very talented and imaginative Nano Writers: [personal profile] angryoldhag, [personal profile] elleth, [personal profile] shiromirai, [personal profile] twistingthetale, [personal profile] seiskink, and [personal profile] sonjadenise.

If you haven't had the chance to check them out, please give them a look! Comments are now welcomed! Our contest winner will be announced this Friday, October 16!
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Days until and counting...

20 Steps to Writing Great Love Scenes

Reminder: Entries for the Cover Up! contest should be posted by midnight (EST) tonight!

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In a portrait, you have room to have a point of view.
The image may not be literally what's going on, but it's representative.

- Annie Leibovitz

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Hey! It's a contest! )
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There are 75 days left until the start of National Novel Writing Month! To celebrate, Nano Writers announces our final contest:

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One of the cool features available to NaNoWriMo writers is the option to upload your book's cover artwork to your novel info page. Many writers find their cover art a source of inspiration for writing (and finishing) their NaNo novel!

Creating a book cover for your novel is fun and easy! Check out our quick tutorial on How to Create your own Book Cover in Four Easy Lessons here! )

Details for the Cover Up Contest may be found here! )

Any questions about either the book cover tutorial or the Cover Up contest or other comments or suggestions are welcomed! Our ongoing Build a World project continues tomorrow with part 17!

Until then, keep writing!
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The readers' selections for What a Character Contest have been counted and tabulated!

And an interesting contest it has been! For our writers for Part One, there was a penchant for the supernatural and fantastic with descriptions of vampires, aliens and spies possessing a wide range of reading interests from Howl's Moving Castle to The Gender Knot: Unraveling Our Patriarchal Legacy and everything in between.

Our readers responded in kind selecting characterizations that described protagonists (or bad guys) who would work well in any science fiction/fantasy/action novel.

And_the_envelope_please... )
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After reading through lists of baby names and checking out the name generators at the Seventh Sanctum, Nano Writers might consider the following advice offered by literary agent Even Marshall, author of The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing when putting together a list of names for their novel's characters:

  • Try (at least with your major characters) to have all first and last names start with a different letter. You can keep a simple alphabetical list.
  • Vary the sound and length of characters' first and last names.
  • Avoid using all Anglo names.
  • Avoid using names that end alike or similarly.
  • Try to avoid using names that end in s, which make for awkward possessives.
  • Avoid overly long names, especially for major characters. The stars of my two mystery series are Jane and Anna.

Also a reminder: What a Character! Contest closes at midnight tonight! Come and vote for your favorite characterization!
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As Janet Burroway observes in her work: Writing Fiction - A Guide to Narrative Craft, "Human character is in the foreground of all fiction..." and "...we must find them interesting, we must find them believable, and we must care about what happens to them."

To work toward these goals, she provides the following advice:

  1. Keep a journal and use it to explore and build ideas for characters.

  2. Know all influences that go into the making of your character's type: age, gender, race, nationality, marital status, region, education, religion, profession.

  3. Know the details of your character's life: what he or she does during every part of the day, thinks about, remembers, wants, likes and dislikes, eats says, means.

  4. Identify, heighten, and dramatize consistent inconsistencies. What does your character want that is at odds with whatever else the character wants? What patterns of thought and behavior work against the primary goal?

  5. Focus sharply on how the character looks, on what she or he wears and owns, and on how she or he moves.

  6. Examine the character's speech to make sure it does more than convey information.

  7. Know what your character wants, both generally out of life, and specifically in the context of the story.

  8. If the character is based on a real model, including yourself, make a dramatic external alteration.

  9. If the character is imaginary or alien to you, identify a mental or emotional point of contact.

And now (finally) Part 2 for "What a Character!" details_and_contest_here )
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I know pretty much what my main characters are like, but beyond that I just have to wait to see what comes out of my typewriter. I make up one-third of the things people say and do in the stories I write, but I have nothing to do with the rest.

Rex Stout (author of the Nero Wolfe mystery novels)

Do your characters take over your novel, Nano Writer? Or do they follow the path you've set out in your outline?

Have you met the characters in our newest contest? Part one closes this Sunday, June 14!

Sources for the genre mini-challenge may be found here. Do you agree/disagree with the genre? Did any of the answers surprise you?

Keep writing, Nano Writer!
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Okay Nano Writers! It’s that time again so put on your writing hats and grab your favorite pens/pencils/keyboards. This month we’re going to be talking about your story’s characters and characterization tips and techniques. And to kick things off: a contest!

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This_way_to_our_gallery_of_“rogues”_and_contest_rules )

Part 1 will close at midnight EST on June 14.


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