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Okay Nano Writers! It’s that time again so put on your writing hats and grab your favorite pens/pencils/keyboards. This month we’re going to be talking about your story’s characters and characterization tips and techniques. And to kick things off: a contest!

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Part 1 will close at midnight EST on June 14.
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Robert McKee in his work Story describes a story scene as:

…an action through conflict in more or less continuous time and space that turns the value-charged condition of a character’s life on at least one value [positive or negative] with a degree of perceptible significance.

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Apparently, many of our Nano Writers (whether of the blue or purple persuasion) have a passionate interest in the topic of genre and my thanks to everyone who commented on the earlier post!

What exactly genre means is open to a degree of interpretation…

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Most writers recognize that there are two types of conflict in their work: external and internal. Mary Connealy, an award-winning author of humorous novels that take place in the Wild West, says this:

Defining your conflict is Step One in writing your novel. What it boils down to is: External Conflict is plot, Internal Conflict is characters.

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Without it there is No Story. No drama. No interest.

Janet Burroway, in her classic text Writing Fiction, a Guide to Narrative Craft (now in its seventh edition) claimed it to be the “fundamental element of fiction” though the playwright Elia Kazan referred to it simply as “two dogs fighting over a bone.”

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