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Day 23 - 7 days remaining

The true alchemists do not change lead into gold;
they change the world into words.

— William H. Gass


The word count today is 38,341! Only seven days remain to complete this year's challenge - one week! But take heart! So much can happen in a week! So much is possible!

If you're on track or so close that the finish line is in sight, keep going! Now's not the time to take time off and relax, counting on making your word count at the last minute. If the way is clear, hit the gas and write out your climatic scene, let your protagonist strut his stuff and show us why he's one to get the job done.

If you're a little behind (or more), re-calculate your daily word count target and get it done! You can do it and you're the only one that can! Every story deserves an ending - good or otherwise - and this is the week to bring it!

It's also Back-It-Up Friday! Don't risk losing your hard work! Especially now as we're coming up on the finish line! Back it up!

Questions? Comments? Word counts to declare? It's all good, Nano Writer! So keep writing!

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Date: 2012-11-23 12:00 pm (UTC)
sashataakheru: (Default)
From: [personal profile] sashataakheru

Well, this story is done. At 44.5k. Bollocks. *awkward turtle*

And yes, I have word-padded and looked for extra scenes to write and nope, it's done. There is nothing more to tell. My rough draft is done. *draws line under it and writes 'the end' in a flourishing fanceh script*

...*quietly moves on to a 16k WIP that's been nagging at me all week to make up the difference.*

I guess I'll just have two finished stories by the end of November then instead of one. Uh, yay? :D? /unexpected productivity.

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Date: 2012-11-24 06:36 am (UTC)
lassarina: I'm not coming out until the stupid people have gone away.  ....I can wait all day. (Default)
From: [personal profile] lassarina
I broke 40K tonight, after taking yesterday off (turkey coma is no way to try to get words!) I also realized that part of my problem lately is the 13.5K I wrote in the last 10 days of October to finish off an old WIP; my brain knows it's already done 50K in 30 days and it is done now, thank you kindly. Which is really unfortunate when there's 10K left of NaNo to do!

Hopefully I'll do better for the rest of this weekend, but even if I don't, I know I can handily finish before the 30th. I'm a lot better at making words on days when I have to work, probably because my brain is already in productivity mode instead of "nah let's play video games."


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